Who discovered gravitation?

Sir Isaac Newton

What is the velocity of light?

3,00,000k.m. per second.

What is a light year?

The distance travelled by light in one year duration is called one light year.

Who first set foot on the moon?

American Astronaut Neil Armstrong.

What are the particles existing inside an atom?

Electron, proton, neutron.

What is artificial intelligence?

Computer scientists are busy with creating a computer whose efficiency is equivalent to a human brain. So far, such a computer is not invented. This branch of computer science is known as artificial intelligence.

What is nano technology?

Scientists have created new materials by combining molecules of different elements and compounds in accordance with laws of chemistry. This is called nano technology. So far, scientists have created more than 100 such materials in this field.

What is ‘Raman effect’?

When light is passing through a medium, it is scattered with maximum in blue light. This is called Raman effect.

Why sea water appears in blue colour?

Since, sun light is scattered mostly in blue colour in water, sea water appears in blue colour.

In 2020, which are the countries sent space crafts to mars?

United Arab Emirates sent one space craft and China sent sent two space crafts to mars. The robots in this unmanned space crafts will conduct experiments on mars and will send datas to earth.

Who is considered ‘Father Of Indian Atomic Project’?


Who is considered father of Indian Space programme?

Vikram Sarabhai

Who is regarded as Father of Indian Missile programme?

Dr. Abdul Kalam

Who invented Telescope?

In 1610, Italian Astronomer Galilio invented telescope.

In India, where rocket launching base is located? Who is administrating this place?

In India, rocket launching base is located in Sri Harikota in Andhra Pradesh. Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) is administrating this place.

How heat and light are created in sun?

This is done by Thermo nuclear reaction in which 4 hydrogen atoms are combined into one helium atom. During this process light energy and heat energy are created which we receive on earth.

What is the chemical name of water?

Hydrogen Monoxide(H20).

Who discovered ‘Theory of Relativity’?

Albert Einstein.

Who was the world famous mathematician born in Tamilnadu?

Mathematician SrinivasaRamanujam

What is cloning?

This is a new branch of genetic engineering in which animals and creatures are created artificially identical to their parents through DNA of the same specious in laboratories by the scientists.

What is ‘Bullet train’?

This is a modern technology which is based on magnetic force in which speed of the train is achieved upto 600 k.m/hour. Now it is operating only in a few a countries like Japan and Germany.

What is Space farming?

This is a new kind of experiment conducted in International Space Center(ISC). This is a space laboratory revolving around earth at the altitude of 400 k.m above earth. In this laboratory, plants were grown and fruits were harvested successfully. This kind of agriculture is called Space farming.

What is solid waste management?

This is a new kind of technology in which so far 10 kinds of new materials are created by recycling solid waste. One useful material is artificial tar used in the construction of roads instead of natural tar. Another material is artificial brick used in building constructions. This is called solid waste management.

Who discovered ‘Theory Of Evolution’?

Charles Darwin.

Who was the first Indian Astronaut travelled in outer space?

Rakesh Sharma.